• Physical Distancing


    Physical distancing is a measure to prevent the spread of a contagious disease between people. Physical distancing reduces the likelihood of close contact that may lead to transmission. Physical distancing guides, such as tape, paint, or chalk on floors, grass or sidewalks, and signs on walls, will be used to ensure that staff and children remain at least 3-6 feet apart. 


    • Classroom furniture is arranged facing forward so that students can sit 3-6 feet apart, where practicable.
    • Tape is positioned on classroom floors to delineate a safe distance of 3-6 feet, where practicable.
    • Weather permitting, classes may take place outside to promote physical distancing and provide fresh air. 



    • The hallway in the main building will divided by direction. When walking always stay to the right, and observe the hallway markings. Hallways will only be used by students to place backpacks in cubbies and walk to the restroom. Students will walk in single file maintaining social distancing on the right hand side. 



    • Signs are positioned on the floor to indicate physical distance.


    Large Gatherings

    • Large gatherings will not be held in the foreseeable future. 


    Recess, Snack and Lunch Breaks 


    • Every student needs time to run, play, and laugh with their peers. Health and safety guidelines will be followed to create play areas for cohorts of students to enjoy recess safely before returning to class. 
    • To limit the risk of transmission and to maintain physical distancing, recess, snack and lunch breaks will be assigned to designated areas.
    • The turf, yard and play structures will be zoned for group use.
    • Groups will remain distanced from each other.
    • During recess or class group activities, physical distancing will be encouraged within the group. 
    • Weather permitting, breaks will be outside.
    • Students will be seated when eating or drinking. 
    • Lunch and snack recesses will be staggered so there is ample space for eating and playing in designated groups.
    • Students will eat "picnic" style on the ground in their designated area. Cushions will be provided and placed with appropriate distance between them.


    • Children will be encouraged to use the restroom during their cohort recess time but will be allowed to go as needed.
    • Students in the main building will use the bathrooms in the main building.  Students in the annex or portable will use the bathrooms in the annex or portable.
    • Physically distanced markers are positioned outside the restrooms for students who are waiting to enter.  One students at a time may enter the restroom inside the building.
    • Students who are outside will use the restrooms located outside.  Markers are positioned outside to maintain physical distancing.  Two students at a time may enter the outdoor restrooms.