• Extended Distance Learning


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    Program Planning and Structure

    The EDL program is designed to provide a viable option for students who are quarantining due to a medical condition or a family member that necessitates family quarantining. We have learned some valuable lessons and one of them is that we need full commitment from families who want EDL for the entire school year in order to maintain stability and appropriately plan staffing for all classroom communities. All EDL teachers will be certificated MVSD teachers.


  • Elementary EDL

    Snapshot of EDL Program (Sample with 273 Students)

    1. 11 EDL classrooms will be created. Classes will have 30 students or fewer. They will be composed of students from two or more schools with the following configurations (subject to change based on numbers):
      • Kindergarten including students from TV/EM 
      • Kindergarten including students from PK/OM/SP
      • 1st Grade including students from TV/EM
      • 1st Grade including students from PK/OM/SP 
      • 2nd Grade including students from TV/EM 
      • 2nd Grade including students from PK/OM/SP 
      • 3rd Grade including students from TV/EM 
      • 3rd Grade including students from PK/OM/SP  
      • 4th Grade including students from TV/EM
      • 4th Grade including students from PK/OM/SP
      • 5th Grade including students from all five schools 

    2. EDL teachers will be current Mill Valley teachers who have asked for a distance learning assignment and/or who have been transferred from combined in-person classrooms. The new EDL teacher will likely be different from your child’s current classroom teacher. We are trying to match teachers with students from their current school site.

    3. The EDL learning day will look similar to our current distance-learning model. The EDL teacher will provide the same number of live instructional minutes and asynchronous minutes as students are receiving now, in accordance with SB 98. 

    4. All students in EDL will have the same number of specialist classes as students who are returning to school in the Hybrid AM/PM model.  EDL students will likely have specialist classes such as art, music, library and P.E. with their EDL classmates. 

    5. Students choosing EDL will remain in the program until the end of the school year. We realize that this is a shift from our former plan, but we must prioritize classroom stability and staff all classrooms (in-person and EDL). 

    6. Below is a sample classroom schedule from distance learning this fall. EDL classrooms schedules will be similar to this schedule in that students will have a mix of synchronous and asynchronous classroom time, and regularly scheduled specials.

     sample schedule from distance learning

  • Middle School EDL

    For our Extended Distance Learning option, students will utilize the online curriculum program Apex, to engage in lessons and instruction for their courses. This curriculum will be supplemented by additional projects and assignments, taught by 2 credentialed MVMS teachers. These teachers will be the facilitators of the Apex program as well. This is not an independent study program. The key components are:

    • 120 synchronous minutes of seminars daily  
    • Daily participation in Panther Community 
    • Lunch time that mirrors the hybrid schedule to allow for participation in clubs 
    • Elective offerings through Apex
    • Daily interaction with peers 
    • 6th, 7th, and 8th grade unit projects


    To learn more about Apex, you may watch this introductory video slideshow

MVMS EDL Parent Orientation