• COVID-19 Testing Protocol



    Mill Valley School District follows Marin Public Health guidelines for essential workers. Every staff member has been offered a vaccination.  Staff members who opted to take the vaccine at the earliest offered time will be fully vaccinated by April 12th.  Staff members that have not been vaccinated are expected to be tested every month. 

    Student COVID-19 Surveillance Testing

    We are committed to adding an additional layer of safety through surveillance testing for our Park School students.  Surveillance testing is available at Mill Valley Middle School every Wednesday.  Here is the link to sign up. Testing may also be sought through medical providers.


    Below is a Student Surveillance Testing Schedule. If you signed up to have your child/children participate in this process, or would like to join, please have your child tested during their assigned week based on their last name. We have developed this protocol to ensure students in our classrooms are monitoring for COVID-19 regularly. 

    In addition to your daily symptom check and health screening response, please adhere to this schedule for surveillance testing.


    Please see your quadrant dates below based on your child’s last name. 


    25% of students will test each week. 


    Quadrant 1 (Last Name A-E) Testing Dates

    • February 1 - 5
    • March 1-5
    • March 29-April 2
    • April 26-30
    • May 24-28

      Quadrant 3 (Last Name M-S) Testing Dates

    • February 16-19
    • March 15-19
    • April 12-16
    • May 10-14
    • June 7-11

    Quadrant 2 (Last Name F-L) Testing Dates

    • February 8-12
    • March 8-12
    • April 5-9
    • May 3-7
    • June 1-4

      Quadrant 4 (Last Name T-Z) Testing Dates

    • February 22-26
    • March 22-26
    • April 19-23
    • May 17-21


    * Consult your healthcare provider at any time to request testing if you are symptomatic. 

    * If you have a positive test result, contact Principal O'Connor immediately. Do not enter the school campus.