• LCAP Goals for the 2021-22 School Year



    Each student receives equitable, articulated, relevant, standards-based instruction and support that ensures high levels of personal and academic growth.  Students learn in classrooms that foster relationships and social emotional wellness; deepen critical thinking, inquiry, and  global perspectives; and support their development as citizens and scholars. 

    • Action 1 – High Levels of learning for All: Teachers collaborate weekly to prioritize standards and develop common formative assessments for each trimester to ensure all students meet or exceed standards.
    • Action 2 – Social Emotional Wellness (Executive Function, Emotional Regulation, etc.): All staff will incorporate social emotional lessons, tools and strategies into the weekly curriculum.
    • Action 3 – Targeted Academic Support and English Language Development: All staff will differentiate classroom lessons to ensure tier 1 interventions and integrated ELD.  Based on assessments and identified student needs, targeted students will receive Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions to close skill gaps.



     We will provide consistent, ongoing professional growth opportunities to Mill Valley School District staff.  

    • Action 1 – Anti-Racism, Equity and Inclusion: All staff will participate in four modules of training with Facing History Facing ourselves and begin implementation of equitable school-wide practices.
    • Action 2 – Using data metrics to inform needs and set goals for substantial student outcomes: Staff will be trained to analyze data effectively to support learning and SEL needs, on developing a collaborative culture, on guaranteed & viable curriculum, and a balanced system of assessments.
    • Action 3 – Learning communities: All staff will participate in learning communities to look at student academic and SEL data to develop targeted lessons. 



    Maintain positive student, staff, parent/guardian, and broader community support for our district and schools.

    • Action 1 - Electronic Communication: Ensure regular two-way communication and proactively communicate (District to Home, School to Home, & Classroom to Home) by sharing information regularly and transparently.
    • Action 2 - Student Engagement: Ensure all families are aware of and students are engaged in school activities, programs, and support services.
    • Action 3 - Formation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion groups and provide training: Provide multiple opportunities for parents and guardians to participate in committees, meetings and training around Equity, Inclusion and Diversity.




     Procure sustainable sources of operating and capital funding to achieve and support the district’s strategic goals.

    • Action 1 - Facility Master Plan: Provide safe, properly equipped, well-maintained, updated facilities and infrastructure that support our mission, strategic plan, and educational programs.
    • Action 2 - Budget Development Planning: Ensure proactive fiscal planning strategies that provide long-term projections of key financial drivers and levers.
    • Action 3 - Bond Exploration: Issue bonds to modernize, maintain and reconstruct facilities based on educational specifications



    View the 2021-22 LCAP Document (v. 8.12.21)

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