Dear Parents:


    Welcome to Kindergarten at Old Mill School!


    We are pleased to welcome you and your child to Kindergarten at Old Mill School. We know this will be a wonderful year of growing and learning. A good partnership between home and school is important in making this first year a positive one for your child. This is the first of many informational “notes home” you will be receiving throughout the year. We look forward to hearing from you. There are a few things you can do to help get this year off to a smooth start.


    Daily Communications:

    ·      There are message notebooks or clipboards for you to leave messages regarding pick-ups and other information. Messages for E.D.S. may also be left on these clipboards.

    ·      Our email addresses arejbutler@mvschools.org and tkaye@mvschools.org.

    ·      If you have an urgent message you will need to call the school office at 389-7727 and leave a message with Mrs. Frazier, the school administrative assistant.


    ·      Teaching AssistantsMs. Liza Heath is the Room 2 assistant teacher and Mrs. Ann Perry is the Room 1 assisitant teacher. Assistants are with our classes for three and a half hours each day.

    ·      MusicMrs. Lori Adessa, our music teacher, is at Old Mill on Wednesdays.

    ·      Library:  Wednesdays will also be library days with Mrs. Martha Lewis.

    ·      Art:  Ms. Jackie Lalanne, our art teacher, will work with Kindergartners alternate Thursdays.

    ·      P.E.:  Ms. Brundige is the PE teacher and she takes Kindergarten in half groups weekly.

    ·      School Counselor:  Dr. Claudia Trinklein-Engman, our school counselor, or her intern will be meeting with Kindergartners in small groups called Friendship Groups.

    ·      Dance:  We will have dance on Fridays with Mr. Alan Scofield.


    Messages Home:  Classroom newsletters are sent via email. You will receive the PTA school newsletter on line.


    Absences:  If your child misses school for any reason, or is tardy, it is essential that you call the school. You can leave a message 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by calling the school at 389-7727. 


    Attendance:  Kindergarten hours are 8:30-1:30. Children line-up on the upper yard playground when their day begins. Please have your child arrive on time for school. Pick up is on Throckmorton. The children may not  play on the front lawn area after school because rooms 3 and 4 students are in class.


    Snacks:  Each child brings their own snack to school each day.  Nutrition education is part of our curriculum so we ask that snacks be healthy and nutritious.


    Field Trips:  We have begun planning our learning/field trips for this year (dates to be determined)

    Lunches:  Your child needs to have a healthy lunch at school each day. Lunches from home should be packed so your child can be self-sufficient at lunch time, opening and putting away items. Kindergartners may purchase lunches from Choice Lunches. Please visit www.choicelunch.com for more information. The registration code is MVSD. We will be requesting volunteers soon to help the children at lunch time.


    No Waste Lunch:  Our school community is committed to reducing the amount of waste we produce at school particularly at lunch. We practice pack it in, pack it out.

    When packing a lunch, please help reduce our lunch waste by providing your child with a "No Waste Lunch". This will also help you have a better idea what your child actually eats at lunch. Guidelines for packing a “no waste” are on the Old Mill School website.


    Birthdays:  Birthdays are celebrated in class with a song, a birthday badge and the option of sending a healthy snack of fresh fruit to share with the class. Your first day packet has information about the P.T.A.’s birthday library book program which is another wonderful way to celebrate birthdays at school.


    Clothing:  Kindergarten is an active place. Be sure to send your child to school wearing comfortable, washable play clothes and rubber soled shoes. Sandles must be closed toed with a heel strap. It is important your child be able to manage buttons, snaps, zippers and buckles. Practice at home with jackets and sweaters is helpful and be sure your child is able to easily remove clothing for toileting. Make sure your child is also prepared for the weather. Children play and eat outside unless it is raining. Please put first and last names in sweater, coats, hats, backpacks and any other item that could possibly get lost at school. A backpack is helpful for making sure information gets to and from school.


    Toys:  Emphasize to your child that toys stay at home unless the toy is for "sharing."


    Special Friends:  Each Kindergartner is paired with one or two special 5th grade buddies for the year. The Special Friends/5th Grade Buddies meet approximately twice a month for learning activities and for other special events. This program will begin late in September. 

    Assemblies: Assemblies are sponsored and scheduled by the P.T.A and will be announced.

    Conferences and Progress Reports: We will hold parent-teacher conferences in November and parent-teacher conferences are also available on an as needed basis. You will receive a Kindergarten Progress Reports in march & June.

    Volunteers: Parent volunteers are always needed and welcome in Kindergarten. After the first few weeks of school, we will be sending a letter about ways families can help at school and at home. Please consider volunteering in some way if possible.


    Kiddo and P.T.A.:  We hope to have 100% participation in Old Mill P.T.A. and Kiddo this year. E-scrip is an easy and free way to support Mill Valley schools. Many of our programs would not exist without your support of these fine organizations.


    School Rules:  Be safe. Be kind. Be responsible. Be respectful.








    During the first few weeks of school we will be making new friends and learning about rules and routines of our classroom. Coming to Kindergarten is a big step for children (and parents). We hope to make this beginning a special one for each child and you. 



    Thank you for your cooperation.




    Ms. Kaye & Mrs. Butler