The purpose of Old Mill School's email broadcast is to provide asynchronous and flexible access to the teacher.  The teacher is the arbiter and decision maker about what is transmitted over this email string.  If a parent wishes to pose a question to other parents in the classroom, they must receive approval from the classroom teacher first. The teacher's judgment in this matter is final. 

    When responding, only respond to THE TEACHER. If multiple users are involved in, or will need to be copied to any information, THE TEACHER will control for that. Please refrain from use of the classroom email connection to hold conversations that are better in person. It is appropriate to use the email system to schedule an appointment with the teacher. When doing so, please provide multiple options for the teacher to consider so that the scheduling can be done efficiently. When used well, classroom email can be a very helpful tool for parents, students and teachers. If abused, it can become a problem for everyone, and create a strained atmosphere for the teacher and parents; please use all normal etiquette for email correspondence at all times.  If you are in doubt as to whether email is the proper method of communication to employ, then it is probably not the best choice. Use it to schedule an appointment instead, and have a face-to-face talk with the teacher.

    Mr. Davis can be reached by email at: gdavis@mvschools.org