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    1) Visit Google Classroom each morning

    2) Watch my video lessons before beginning any assignments

    3) Track your work completion, assignment grades, and class grade on Aeries.

    4) If you need help or have any questions, you can either email me as soon as a question arises, visit me during CORE office hours, or both.


    3 = meets or exceeds 7th grade content and/or skill standards

    2 = approaching 7th grade content and/or skill standards

    1 = work is submitted, but student needs to review the instructions and directions again. Then student is expected to revise and resubmit assignment.

    0 = assignment is missing

    SILVER CLASS OFFICE HOURS - Tuesdays 10 to 11 and Thursdays 10 to 11

    GOLD CLASS OFFICE HOURSE  - Tuesdays 11 - 12 and Thursdays 11 to 12

















    Nonfiction Signposts
    CC: What is the difference/comparison?  Why does it matter? In other words, what does the author want you to know?
    WG: What does this word mean? Why is it important in order to fully understand the topic? What does the author want you to know?
    QW: Who said these words? Use your own words to explain what these quoted words are saying. What do these quoted words tell us about the topic? What does the author want you to know?
    NS: Why do these numbers matter? In other words, what are these numbers and stats saying about the topic?
    AEL: What word is being used by the author? What is the author emphasizing with this word? What does the author want you to think?
    C - claim
       although, despite, in spite of, regardless, even thought, while
    L - lead in
       first, to begin, in the beginning, next, then, since, meanwhile, eventually, first, second, at this point, furthermore, while, so, but, and
    E - evidence
       for instance, for example, in addition, specifically, additionally, such as, to clarify, to emphasize, even if
    A - analysis (examination and interpretation of the evidence)
       truly, certainly, clearly, in fact, although, regardless, despite, to explain, to clarify, regardless
    R - reasoning (return to train of thought, bring reader back on track, final comment on claim and the topic)
       ultimately, obviously, in conclusion, to summarize, as one can see, without a doubt, definitely, overall