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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Comparative Literature & French : UC Berkeley M.A.,education: Stanford

Ms. Green

This will be my twenty-sixth year as a language teacher at Mill Valley Middle School.  I teach the first two years of French. First-year French classes will go beyond the basics and learn the vocabulary and grammar necessary to begin communicating in French. In eighth-grade students will deepen what they've learned, begin the study of past tense and communicate all year in French.   I'm passionate about languages, cultures and helping young people gain awareness of the world around them.  Learning another language opens the door to international discovery, promotes global connections and helps foster greater self-confidence. I want my students to have fun learning and gain skills to feel comfortable in a new language.  Learning another language helps them extend their knowledge of English grammar while providing them the foundation for successful comprehension and communciation.  I also want to awaken greater awareness of French-speaking countries and cultures around the world.  The greatest experience is to travel and live in other countries.  During college I studied in France for a year and I have spent my summers there for the past seven years.   I'm excited to be their language teacher and look forward to a wonderful, rich and active year in class.    


2020 DISTANCE LEARNING:   Trimester 3


Procedures and Guidelines for Mme. Green's Classroom

Office Hours

Live office hours via Zoom:  

French I Fraises class:   2:00-2:20 on Mondays

French I Ananas class:  9:30-9:50 on Fridays

French I Cerises class:   10:00-10:20 on Fridays

French II Pêches class:  1:00-1:20 on Mondays

French II Pastèques class:  1:30-1:50 on Mondays

STUDENTS MAY EMAIL me at any time to request an individual Zoom meeting or for any questions.   Emails are a quicker way to reach me than Google Classroom.  

EXPECTATIONS:  All students will attend the Zoom session for their class.  An agenda for the Zoom session will be posted on Google Classroom Zoom Meetings and students who were unable to attend should look for a video or handout of the classwork review / questions / clarifications we covered.   The meeting ID and password can be found at ZOOM SCHEDULE (May - June).  Zoom sessions are for students only. 

POSTING PROCEDURES:  Students will find four lessons per week posted to Google Classroom.  They will include links and resources needed to complete assignments:  pdfs of text to read, grammar worksheets, grammar and culture videos, song sheets , etc.   New grammar will be reviewed in our weekly Zoom sessions.  It is important to keep up with our online grammar and vocabulary work through Quizlet and Duolingo.  These are assigned weekly. 

GRADING, DUE DATES & TURN-IN PROCEDURES: -four assignments per week, assigned daily:  ALL WORK DUE ON FRIDAY

-If possible, it is best to try to complete each lesson daily to help manage the workload due by Friday.  I accept ALL LATE WORK for full credit (unless it is done poorly or incorrectly).

-Points for assignments will be in the Aeries Portal.  An assignment with no score is not a zero.  My advice is to keep up with the work, look for zeros and complete that work.  Once finished, send me an email with Wk/Day/Lesson letter for the late work to  I add points to the grade when email specifies which assignment it is.