• Mrs. Emily Bedecarré

    6th grade

    Language Arts & Social Studies



    2019-2020 Remote Learning Plan

    Language Arts & Social Studies assignments:

    • Assignments will be posted in the Classwork tab of Google Classroom by 8:00am each day. 
    • Classwork assignments are posted 4x/week on Monday-Thursday. 
    • Activities are meant to be completed day by day, however students can be flexible within the week to do what works best for them.  It is recommended that you complete the week's work by Friday at 3:00pm. 
    • There is no penalty for late work.
    • You will find a daily To-Do list and materials for completing the activities. 
    • Assignments that need to be turned in are posted separately from the To-Do list.


    Learning feedback:

    • Students will turn in graded work and ungraded work.
    • Assignments will have comments in Google Classroom with what students are doing well and how they can deepen their learning. 
    • Graded work will be given a score out of 5 points.  See Google Classroom for a breakdown of what these scores mean.
    • Emails will be sent to students with feedback or to check in. 
    • Students can see all work in Google Classroom under the Classwork tab. Aeries will be updated after Spring Break every few weeks.


    Live office hours & contacting Mrs. Bedecarre:

    • Whole-class weekly Zoom calls will be held at the following times to connect, clarify assignments, and answer student questions:
      • Periods 1/2 will meet at 11:15am on Tuesdays.
      • Periods 5/6 will meet at 11:45am on Tuesdays.
    • Live office hours are on Thursdays from 11:00-12:00 by email.  During this time you can email me for an almost immediate response, or we can set up a Zoom call by appointment.
    • There is no need to limit your questions to office hours. Send an email to me (ebedecarre@mvschools.org) or leave a comment in Google Classroom at any time and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!