• Ms. Lindsey Nowell

    6th & 7th Grade Sciences
    email: lnowell@mvschools.org

    2020 Distance Learning, Trimester 3: 

    Live office hours via Zoom:    

    6th grade:
    1:00-1:30 PM for 6th graders on Tuesdays. 
    10:45 AM-11:15 AM for 6th graders on Fridays.  
    7th grade:
    1:45-2:15 PM for 7th graders on Tuesdays. 
    11:30 AM-12:00 PM for 7th graders on Fridays.  
    • All students are welcome to drop by to ask questions, get help with assignments, say hello, and connect with others.  I will post the meeting IDs and passwords every Monday morning in Google Classroom.  
    • One- on- One Zoom office hours can also be scheduled.  Email me to set that up.  
    • If you have questions at other times, please email me or leave a comment on a post in Google Classroom. 


    Posting Procedures: 

    • I will post 4 assignments per week, Monday- Thursday, at 8 AM.  
    • They are labeled as following, "Week #___ Off, Session # ____" to indicate the week and session (1-4).    
    • Assignments should take around 30 minutes to complete, give or take.  If any assignment takes a student significantly longer than 30 minutes, please leave a comment and turn in what was completed in 30 minutes.  
    • I suggest doing classwork each day it is assigned, as work can pile up if left unattended.  
    • Often, videos, explanations, and text accompany the assignment.  Watching and reading these are factored into the time for the assignment and should be looked over with care.  


    Grading and Due Dates:

    • All assignments are due by the Friday of the week they are assigned at 3:00 PM.  
    • However, I am not taking off points for late work - I understand that it may be challenging to get work done in certain time parameters right now, so students should just do their best to get the work done when they can. All assignments should be turned in on Google Classroom.
    • Students will earn full credit for completing the assignment to the best of their ability. Students may earn partial credit if the work is incomplete or if it is not entirely their own work.  
    • Students may resubmit work for full credit using teacher's feedback.  
    • If a student needs more time for an assignment, please leave me a comment or email me to let me know or to ask for help.    
    • Points will vary for assignments based on number of pages, problems, etc. per teacher's discretion.  
    • Points and feedback for assignments will be returned to students via Google Classroom. 
    • Every one to two weeks, Aeries Gradebook will be updated with points and applicable comments, as well.  
    • A total grade will not be calculated in either Aeries or Google Classroom.