• Julia Varboncoeur 
    7th Grade Science

    Mill Valley Middle School
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    2020 Distance Learning, Trimester 3:

    Procedures and Guidelines for Ms. Varboncoeur's Science Classroom

    Office Hours

    Science Office Hour Schedule

    If you have questions at other times, email me or message me on Google Classroom! 

    Posting Procedures:

    I am posting in two ways to help students manage work:  

    1. My weekly post will include a syllabus for the entire week - that means, you can see all tasks and learning goals that you should have finished by Friday.  
    2. My daily posts will break down the assignments into daily learning chunks.  Each daily assignment will also have the links and resources you need in order to complete the assignments - such pdfs of texts to read, videos, links, DLW sentences, etc. This will also be the place you turn in evidence of your learning for each daily assignment. 

    Grading, Due Dates, and Turn In Procedures:

    • You will receive FOUR daily posts each week.  If you do NOT complete assignments daily, the work will pile up, as teachers are being asked to assign 30 minutes per class per day to you while you learn from home.  
    • All work for the week is due on Fridays.  Submit each assignment as directed on the weekly syllabus and daily assignment posts. 
    • Points, scores, and credit for assignments will be returned to you via Classroom whenever applicable, but you can track your total points and scores easily by using Aeries Gradebook, which I am continuing to update with all assignments.


    ONLINE TEXTBOOK LINKS: (also found on "Class Resources" page on my website)
    1. Publisher's Online Version (not compatible with iPad or iPhone)
    username: mvmspanther
    password: panthers1
    **click on the 2nd textbook available (Life Science, with shark) and use either the "Page" or "Contents" button to find the page you are looking for** 
    **you may need your MVMS gmail account information, as this link opens a Google Doc link with Google Drive folders for each chapter** 
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