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    Suzanne O’Meara

    Room 84A – Grades 6 & 7


    415-389-7711 ext. 2784


    Remote Learning - Spring 2020


    Zoom Live Office Hours - Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

    Students may drop in to ask questions about an assignment or just check in. I am also available via e-mail throughout the week.


    Physical Education assignments are posted every Monday on Google Classroom and are due on Friday. Work is returned to students the following week and scores are posted in both Classroom and Aeries.


    Generally, lessons will include both an exercise and a written component. Exercises might include a Tabata routine, a HIIT workout, a yoga seqence, or a sports skills practice. Activity logs, heart rate logs, worksheets, and reflections are examples of the written work students will turn in each week.








    Welcome to MVMS Physical Education! Our goal is to get students excited about moving while providing them with the knowledge and skills they will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the year, we will explore different ways to exercise, which will include strength and cardiovascular endurance training as well as individual, dual and team sports. Students will learn how to design realistic fitness goals and monitor their progress as they work towards realizing their potential. They will also have the opportunity to more fully develop the interpersonal skills needed for successful social development by participating in teambuilding and cooperative activities. It’s going to be a great year!  Please read on for more information and highlights.


    Materials and Supplies

    • MVMS P.E. shirts and shorts (may be purchased at T & B Sports)
    • Athletic shoes with laces, and socks
    • Sweatshirt/pants for inclement weather (suggested)
    • Walking Field Trip form (allows the class to walk to neighboring parks during P.E.)


    Units of Study

    Sports Skills - Flag Football      Volleyball       Soccer          Frisbee         Cooperative Games 

                               Basketball          Team Handball           Hockey         Badminton                                                               

    Physical Fitness - Students in all grades will work on developing individualized fitness plans.

    Team Building Activities

    Special Programs


              bike image

              Safe Routes to School (grade 6)

               fitness tests

              California Fitnessgram (grade 7)


    Grading Policy

    Students will earn daily points for the following:

    1 point for being prepared for class (dressed out and on time)                                

    2 points for participating in class activities and completing in-class assignments         

    1 point for demonstrating a positive attitude: teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperation                    



    Class Expectations

    • Students will be respectful to their teachers and each other, following directions and participating safely in class activities.
    • Students will put forth their best effort in the areas of behavior and participation during each class.
    • Students who forget their P.E. uniforms will borrow a loaner and return it promptly after the period ends.
    • Students who are unable to participate in PE will bring a written note signed and dated by a parent/guardian, which will be good for up to three days. For longer periods, a doctor’s note is required.
    • Students will have fun!  

                                                                                                                                            I love PE