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    It Takes A Village (ITAV) promotes the academic success of all students in Mill Valley schools who learn differently through parent education and advocacy.


    ITAV First Friday Connect Series
    Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center Presentation
    Matrix shares how you can access individual support to help you understand your child's educational plan and access the systems that serve students in our public schools.

    ITAV Student Perspectives Presentations

    Kai Bernstein-Lawler, Jewish Community High School
    MVSD graduate and podcast creator Kai Bernstein-Lawler (currently a senior at Jewish Community High School of the Bay) documents his day-to-day experiences of living with ADHD and some of his takeaways from his interviews (with an expert and adults living with ADHD) in the hopes of helping to create a deeper understanding of people with ADHD.

    Zach B.
    Local high school student and MVSD alum Zach B. discusses his poignant journey through his diagnosis of, and what it's like to live with, PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections), and how he came to be a PANDAS Advocate.

    Parent Education - Podcasts

    Oh, That Explains a Lot! – ADHD Diagnosis as an Adult and How ADHD Can Hide in Plain Sight
    Oh, That Explains a Lot! – ADHD Diagnosis as an Adult and How ADHD Can Hide in Plain Sight. Amanda was diagnosed recently with ADHD, primarily inattentive presentation. In this podcast, Kai Bernstein-Lawler speaks with her about her experience before, during, and after diagnosis and how her ADHD symptoms appear in her daily life.

    “What Do You Spend a Lot of Time Doing That You Hate?” – An Expert Speaks About Diagnosing ADHD in Children and Her Observations
    Dr. Lisa White, Ph.D., has worked for the Summit Center since it was founded in 2009. She is a licensed psychologist who provides evaluations for youth and consults with families about the best schooling options for their children. Dr. White has given numerous talks and seminars to schools and parent groups, including It Takes A Village. In this podcast, Kai Bernstein-Lawler speaks with her about how she diagnoses children with ADHD and her observations about children with ADHD and their families.

    Neurodiversity and Puberty with Debbie Reber of Tilt Parenting

    We’ve had countless requests to dive into the topic of neurodiversity, and we’re thrilled to start here with podcaster, author, and founder/CEO of Tilt Parenting Debbie Reber. It’s a conversation about puberty plus ADHD, autism, and so much more.


    Going Through Puberty with Disabilities

    Disability rights activist Emily Ladau describes her experience through puberty with a physical disability, sharing her own story in the most eye-opening, heartwarming conversation. If you’ve never thought about what it’s like to transform physically and emotionally while managing physical limitations, this episode will open your mind.


    Disability and Sexuality with Emily Ladau

    This is Part 2 of our series with disability rights activist Emily Ladau. In this conversation, Emily up-ends the wide-ranging assumptions many people make about disabled people and sexuality.

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    ITAV welcomes you to join other MVSD parents for our FIRST FRIDAY CONNECT series. First Friday Connect parent group, held the first Friday of each month (currently via Zoom), offers an informal community where talking about the challenges of parenting and academics is welcome!


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