• Homework
    Homework Bags are sent home daily and returned the next day. 
    Take-Home Books will be in the homework bags Monday through Thursday. Books are returned the next day in the HW bag. Suggested reading time for First Grade is 10 minutes daily. 
    Reading Logs are kept inside the red folder at all times and filled in by the student each day. Students record the book title in class. Please check the red folder daily for notices, letters, forms, etc., that have been sent home.
    Monthly Homework will be sent home on the first Monday of each new month. These will include math activities to reinforce what is being taught in school. 
    Bedtime Reading each night is a special treat. We recommend that you read more sophisticated, yet appropriate text.
    Poetry, classics, etc., help develop vocabulary, melody of language and encourage vivid imagery.
    Monthly Homework Activities 2018-19