• Welcome to Strawberry Point Elementary School!  

    Strawberry Point School is a public elementary school located in Mill Valley, California.  We provide a Kindergarten through Grade 5 curriculum encompassing academics and social responsibility. We prepare our students to be responsible, contributing members of our community and wise stewards of our natural environment.
    At Strawberry Point our goal is to instill in each student a lifelong love of learning. Whether through our All School Read and Book Exchange program, our Strawberry Wetlands-based environmental curriculum or our annual Science Fair, we endeavor to challenge and inspire our students with the best academic programs possible. Our classes include Language Arts, Social Studies, Environmental Studies, Math, Science and Physical Education. Thanks to KIDDO! we're able to provide specialty classes in Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Poetry, and PE. 

    Our commitment to academic excellence has produced a measurable record of achievement; each year, our school continues to rank in the top 10% of California schools as measured by the Academic Performance Index (API). Year over year, a majority of our tested students achieve advanced scores on CAASPP tests in English-Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. That our students rank among the top achievers state-wide is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our teachers, our students, and our school families.

    Our students gain exposure to additional growth opportunities through a district-wide framework for character education rooted in the belief that character matters.  
    In partnership with parents, we hold to the strong belief in the whole child and the teaching, learning, and modeling of good character and citizenship
    Our ethnic and international diversity at Strawberry Point enriches our students early in life through exposure to different national customs, ethnic and religious perspectives, and languages reflecting the world we live in today. Our students experience a vibrant, fully-engaged community around them, including their families, their teachers, and the local community. Whether it's helping in classrooms or on the campus, serving on committees, leading fundraisers and social activities, or supporting the Strawberry Point PTA and/or KIDDO!, parents offer their time and talents to our school every day.

    Environmental Education 
    Located in the Strawberry section of Mill Valley and within walking distance of San Francisco Bay, our community is also shaped by an overarching commitment to the environment.  Unique to the Mill Valley School District, Strawberry Point is the only school with natural bay wetlands on the school grounds. We nurture this invaluable natural resource as a living, outdoor classroom. In addition to the science of wetland ecology, students learn a variety of subjects within an ecological context designed to instill an appreciation for nature and the environment and develop a commitment to working toward a more sustainable world

    Strawberry Point School offers an engaging and inspiring environment for students.  Uniqueness and differences are respected, and all children are supported to reach their full potential. When our students head off to Middle School they do so with an emerging sense of self, of social responsibility, and a passion for learning.