You’re Invited to Join Us for a Mindful Morning at Edna Maguire

Who: Edna Maguire students, students’ families (parents, grandparents, guardians, siblings, cousins  - anyone!), and staff interested in starting off their day more mindfully.

What: A mindfulness lesson supported by Tara Ordonez – Edna’s very own 1st grade teacher who has participated in Mindful Schools training and certification programs.

Where: On the stage in the MPR

When: Every Friday morning from 8:30-8:40am beginning Friday, December 9

Why: Mindfulness is "paying attention to the present moment on purpose and non-judgmentally.” In the school setting, mindfulness helps students to increase their focus and concentration skills, improve self-awareness, self-control and resilience - all critical skills for being a successful student and citizen. In today's world, where over stimulation is constant, cultivating mindfulness can give children powerful tools to develop a more balanced and self-regulated mind and body. Mindfulness teaches our children to be more present and it gives them the permission to stop and just "be" for a moment.
Beyond these compelling reasons to practice mindfulness, participating in A Mindful Morning at Edna is a unique experience to share with your child and other Edna students and families.

  • There is no need to sign up. Just arrive in the MPR by 8:30am and quietly join us on the stage.
  • Students can attend Mindful Mornings without the supervision of a parent or guardian, but will be expected to participate appropriately.
  • If the curtains are closed on the stage, the mindfulness lesson has begun – please be mindful and don’t interrupt. We’d love to see you the following week!
  • Students should leave their backpacks on the floor in front of the stage when they arrive.
  • We would welcome and greatly appreciate any yoga mat or carpet sample/square donations. Until we have our own supply, bringing your own mat or blanket might make the stage floor more comfortable.

Leo Kostelnik, Principal

Cristin Coleman, Assistant Principal


Edna Maguire MPR