Counselors FAQ

  • COUNSELORS  2020-2021

    Welcome! Each child has been assigned a counselor for his/her three years at MVMS. Counseling assignments are as follows:

    Janet Jamesson: Grade 6 students
    Randi Josephson: Grade 7 students
    Erin Sheedy: Grade 8 students


    Students may access their counselor by either signing up for an appointment in the counseling area or by having their parents call or email for an appointment.  The counselors will meet with all students throughout the school year.
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Who do I call when I have a concern?

    Communication with the school is encouraged and will be a key part to our students’ success. As the school year progresses and questions arise, it is helpful to know who to contact regarding which issues. Curriculum, homework, teacher/parent conferences and other classroom related issues are best directed to the teacher. Questions about behavior and discipline should be directed to the Assistant Principal. Questions regarding class schedules and social/developmental/emotional concerns that are affecting your child are important to communicate to the counselors. All staff members at the middle school have voice mail and email.

    What do I do if my schedule is wrong?

    If you think something is wrong with your schedule, if you are in the wrong level of a class, or if you didn't register for that class, see your School Counselor. Your Counselor will look over your schedule with you and make sure that the problems get worked out. If you did not receive the teacher of your choice, that is not a reason to ask for a schedule change.

    How can I get involved in my school?

    Student Council

    Student Council elections will be at the beginning of the school year. The purpose of the Student Council is to promote school pride, to organize special events for students and to organize community service projects. It strives to provide students with opportunities to take on leadership roles in our school and to make specific contributions to our community.

    Clubs and Activities

    Being involved in extracurricular activities is a great way to connect with your school community. Every year there are several clubs that meet before school or at lunch. Some of the proposed clubs for this year include: Student Council, Yearbook, Juggling, Cooking Club, Mathletes, Robotics, Wrestling and Intramurals and the Environmental Club. Please listen for more details about these groups in the daily bulletin which is read aloud each morning and posted on the website. 


    Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information on signing up for sports and eligibility requirements to participate in sports.

    How do I apply to private schools?
    You can learn all about the private school application process by clicking here.  

    We look forward to working with you and your child throughout these exciting years of Middle School!

    Randi Josephson, Janet Jamesson and Erin Sheedy
    School Counselors