If your student is applying to a private/independent school for 2022-2023, the following process must  be followed to obtain the necessary documents/recommendations:  


    1. Please notify Sandy Agajan, MVMS Registrar/Data Processor, with the names of schools your  student is applying to, the names of teachers requested to complete recommendations, the  portal system used for online applications (Ravenna, TABS, SSAT, Gateway) and the due date for  completion of recommendation forms and transcripts. Counselors will complete the  Administrator/Counselor recommendation forms. Do not submit any paper recommendation  forms directly to teachers, counselors, or administrators, as this will delay the process of your  student’s application.  

    2. Also submit a check or cash in the amount of $50.00 (payable to the Mill Valley School District)  for each type of application form with a maximum of 3 recommendation requests. Additional  teacher recommendation requests are subject to an additional fee. The Bay Area Independent  High Schools form includes Bay School, Branson, Drew, JCHSB, Marin Academy, Marin School,  San Domenico, University High and Urban. (A recommendation from your student’s current 8th grade math teacher, language arts teacher, and school counselor are required.) The Secondary  Schools of the San Francisco Archdiocese recommendation forms include Marin Catholic, St.  Ignatius, Riordan, Sacred Heart, and are now processed online. (A recommendation from your  student’s math teacher, language arts teacher, and a counselor recommendation are required.)  Ravenna, SSAT, TABS and Gateway portals each have a different recommendation form.  

    3. If you are submitting paper application forms for teacher recommendations, a parent signature  is required on the transcript request or records release form, along with the teacher or  counselor recommendation forms.  

    4. For 8th grade students only: Complete an informational sheet about yourself. You can email  Mrs. Josephson to request the link at rjosephson@mvschools.org. A copy of your responses  will be emailed to you and you can forward the information sheet to the teachers you are  asking to write your recommendations. Your information sheet should contain any or all of the  following: your positive personal qualities, favorite subjects (and why), hobbies, interests,  activities (sports, clubs, youth groups), accomplishments, talents, any hardships or challenges  you have overcome, awards received, leadership roles, work experience, and volunteer  experience.  


    It is also a good idea to reach out to your teachers in person to let them know how much you  appreciate their help. 


    All notifications of intent to apply to private/independent schools and the fee must be submitted by  December 1, 2021, to Sandy Agajan, MVMS Room 101, sagajan@mvschools.org or 415-389-7711  x2811.  


    Please carefully read the application process for the private/independent schools your student is  applying to and direct any additional questions to the Counseling Office. It is the parent/student’s  responsibility to verify with the intended recipient if the teacher/counselor received the online request  to complete the recommendation via online portal.