h Sheila Campbell – Art teacher at Tam Valley. Sheila's goal is to provide opportunities for young students to discover that  art  (the making of and appreciation for) can be an important, joyful part of their lives.
     lkj Daniel DiPierro – Art teacher at Mill Valley Middle School.
     d Jackie LaLanne –  Art Department Chair, and Art teacher at Edna Maguire School, Old Mill School and Park School.
     j Julia Leonard – Art teacher at Mill Valley Middle School.
     k Gwen Perin – Art teacher at Strawberry Point School and Park School. 
     r Patricia Skerrett – Art teacher at Strawberry Point School.
    Katie Thiel – Art teacher at Old Mill School and Edna Maguire School.
    Kim Tran – Art teacher at Mill Valley Middle School.
    Constance Moore – Art Consultant for Mill Valley School District. Constance Moore is the Education Coordinator at the Museum of Children'ts Art (MOCHA) and she works with teachers across the Bay Area as a teaching artist and coach. She is also an Adjunct Faculty member in the Art Department at Holy Names University and works as an Integrated Learning Specialist Program Instructor for Alameda County Office of Education. Constance received her BA in Politics from Mount Holyoke College, and MA in Museum Studies from Brown University, and she is pursuing an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College.