• Community Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) 

    In recognition of the vital link between educational excellence and local funding and community support, the Superintendent established a broad-based Community Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC). Its mission is to advise the Superintendent on matters relating to the long-term financial health of the District.

    Role of the Community Financial Advisory Committee:

    1. Review the Mill Valley School District’s budget on a periodic basis, to identify and analyze important long-term financial trends and issues for Board focus (e.g. Enrollment trends, facilities cost and use, reserve requirements, dependence on local taxes).

    2. Collect, review and analyze important financial data, trends, community perceptions and "best practices" that may improve the Superintendent’s decision-making in the financial arena.

    3. Provide information and recommendations to the Superintendent, in a timely manner, which relate to financial decisions before the Superintendent.

    4. Contribute to District communications/outreach efforts aimed at educating the community on financial matters (e.g. newsletters, speaking engagements to community groups).

Last Modified on April 26, 2019