•  iPad Problems? Try these troubleshooting tips:

     Quit the App Doubletap the home button, then swipe up the app window
     Restart the iPad Hold down the power button, swipe to turn off, then hold down the power button to restart
     Re-Download the App Go to the Catalog, find the app, and tap "Installed"
     Visit 1:1 Program Support

    Every Tuesday and Thursday,
    from 10:45-12:45 and 1:30-3:00, in the library.

    Email ipadsupport@mvschools.org Include your name, iPad number, details about the problem, and what you've done to troubleshoot so far.
    Theft, Loss, or Breakage?
    Email ipadsupport@mvschools.org with details immediately!


    Ways Parents Can Manage 1:1 Program iPads

    Screen Time
    Screen Time allows you to set Downtime and set time limits for types of apps. Find an overview of and instructions for Screen Time here.
    Guided Access Guided Access allows you to set time limits for iPad use, lock your student into an app, or disable certain option. Find an overview of and instructions for Guided Access here.
    Restrictions You can use Restrictions to control some of the features that are available on the iPad. However, we already have Restrictions profiles on all student devices through our management system, so some options will not be available. In addition, some options, like disabling Safari or the camera, may impact your student's ability to do school work. (In the case of Safari, disabling Safari does not disable internet access, because Chrome is still available. Any restrictions set would be enabled until specifically disabled. You can read more about Restrictions here.

    Mobile Filter

    All students have filtered internet access no matter where their iPad is connecting to the internet. The same internet filter is applied off campus as at school.
    Home Network Adjustments

    You can work with your Internet Service Provider to set up network level controls for your home internet connection.


    Not all settings are available in the same way as on consumer devices. Our management system controls many aspects of the devices, without the need for additional restrictions. For instance, no student devices have access to the App Store or iTunes Store. If you need additional assistanct, please email Kate Sprague.


    To Report Damage to Your iPad,
    Complete the Google Form here