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Superintendent Search - Important Information


Please view the Position Description for the Superintendent of the Mill Valley School District


If you are unable to attend an input session on November 29, 2018, please complete the survey below providing your input regarding the desired qualities for the next Superintendent of the Mill Valley School District. This online survey will be available for two weeks.






Application Information:


UPDATE 11/14/18

Superintendent Search Invitation - November 29, 2018

The Mill Valley School District Board of Trustees is conducting intake sessions with the community to gather input about the desired personal and professional qualities anticipated in the incoming superintendent. Please note the following sessions for parents and community members on November 29. 

  • 11am-11:45am - Elementary Parent Session, MVSD District Office (411 Sycamore Ave.)
  • 11am-11:45am - Middle School Parent Session, MVMS Conference Room (425 Sycamore Ave.)
  • 5:30pm-6:30pm - Community Forum, MVSD District Office (411 Sycamore Ave.)

The consultants will ask two primary questions:

     What are the desirable qualities, characteristics, background, and experiences (professional and personal) for the next superintendent of the               District?

     What do you see as the strengths of the District and the major challenges facing the District in the years ahead?


Additionally, an online survey asking these two questions will be available on the District website on November 29th for those who are unable to attend meetings in person.

Dear Mill Valley School District Community,
After seven years of outstanding leadership, I regretfully announce the resignation of Superintendent Paul Johnson. Paul will be taking the helm of the Los Gatos School District as superintendent effective July 1, 2018.
During Paul’s tenure, the Mill Valley School District has had many successes. We passed two parcel taxes, built one new school, and modernized five others. The District watched enrollment grow by almost 1,000 students with no negative impact on our educational programs, class sizes, or financial health. We have successfully implemented technology programs, adopted exciting new curriculum, and provided excellent professional development classes for our staff.
Today our school district is in a very strong position. We have an amazing team of teachers, staff, and administrators who work tirelessly to provide outstanding educational opportunities for all of our children. Our partnerships with Kiddo!, PTAs, parents, and the greater Mill Valley community have helped us solidify an excellent financial position and earn AAA ratings from both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. Thanks to the thoughtful and extensive input from staff, parents, and community members, the Board has just approved a new five-year strategic plan, a dynamic and living document that will serve as a detailed path for our future.
Hiring a new superintendent is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees and we are committed to actively including our community in the process. In late summer, the Board will select an executive search firm to begin a comprehensive search for a new superintendent. That firm will lead a process that will provide ample opportunities for staff, parents, and our Mill Valley community partners to contribute feedback on the qualities desired in our next superintendent. The input provided will shape the candidate profile as recruiting begins in January 2019. We promise to continually update you as the process unfolds.
In the interim, Raquel Rose, Assistant Superintendent of Marin County Office of Education, will serve as the interim superintendent of the Mill Valley School District. Raquel is a strong leader with a wealth of knowledge and experience, making her the ideal candidate to lead our district. She has over 18 years of public education experience in Marin County, including as a teacher, elementary school principal, district director of student services, manager of the County’s special education programs, and is currently responsible for the County’s Education Services, Countywide Initiatives, Personnel and Early Childhood Education departments. Under Raquel’s leadership, the Board is confident that the Mill Valley School District will continue to thrive and provide the best education for our students. We are thankful to the Marin County Office of Education for lending us Raquel for the next school year.
Please join us in wishing Paul good luck for the future and bidding him a happy farewell.
Robin Moses
Mill Valley School District Board of Trustees
When will the new superintendent be hired?
We anticipate hiring a new superintendent in the spring of 2019.
Who will lead the district for the next year? 
Raquel Rose, Assistant Superintendent of the Marin County Office of Education will serve as interim superintendent of the District. Raquel has a strong background in education, and has overseen the County Office Education Services, Countywide Initiatives, Personnel, Early Childhood Education, and school programs in Alternative Education and Special Education. Raquel also serves as Regional Lead for the California County Superintendents Education Services Association Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee. Raquel will be “on loan” to the Mill Valley School District for the 2018-2019 school year.
Will parents and staff have the opportunity to participate in the hiring of a new superintendent?
Once the Board selects a search firm in early fall, that firm will conduct numerous input forums with parents, staff, and key members of the Mill Valley community to amass a list of traits to be included in the new superintendent profile. Those traits will also be key in the selection criteria when interviews are conducted.
Why wait to begin the search? Why not start immediately?
Hiring the right person to lead the Mill Valley School District is of the highest priority. Conducting a thorough and inclusive process will ensure we choose the right person for this critical role. It is extremely important to us that the entire community has an opportunity to weigh in on the qualities they’d like to see in the next superintendent. With summer vacations around the corner, many in our community would not be available to attend input forums in the next few months. As it is crucial to provide opportunities for all of our community to weigh in on the qualities they would like to see in our next superintendent, we prefer to wait until fall when families and staff are available.
What will happen in our schools in the meantime?
We are very fortunate to have a strong leader in Raquel Rose as interim superintendent and an outstanding group of principals, teachers, and staff who will continue to provide the best education possible for all of our students. The district will continue to pursue the goals and action items in our strategic plan.
Where can I find the latest information on the search process and opportunities to get involved?
Late summer/Early fall 2018
The Board will conduct interviews and engage an executive search firm in late summer/early fall.
Fall 2018
The search firm will conduct input forums across the district and greater community throughout the following few months.
December 2018
The search firm will present the Board with their findings and a superintendent profile by December.
January/February 2019
Applicants will be recruited. 
March/April 2019
A pool of applicants will be presented to the Board, with interviews conducted in March and April. If the Board does not find any of the applicants presented to be ideal, the search firm will do more recruiting and present a second group of candidates.
April/May 2019
We expect that a new superintendent will be announced in late April or May of 2019
July 1, 2019
New Superintendent start date.