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Single-Ride Bus Passes Are Back!

Single-ride passes are back for the Yellow School Bus Pilot Program! On Sunday, August 25th, booklets of 10 passes will go on sale on the bus program website that are valid throughout the month of September only to get to and from Edna Maguire, Strawberry Point, and Mill Valley Middle School. These single-ride passes are great for families whose children normally walk or bike on nice days but want another option during bad weather, or to accommodate after-school play dates. 

For anyone who wants to use the bus regularly, we strongly encourage getting an annual pass! The City of Mill Valley made an announcement on the status of the program. We believe we can reach our goal of 235 passes for the 2019-20 school year. We encourage you to sign up for this green ride!

ride the yellow school bus! single ride passes are back. One sale Aug 25th. 10-pass booklets for month of september