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Facility Master Plan Survey

At its March 11, 2021 meeting, the board took action to approve staff to solicit firms for a Facilities Master Plan for the district. The chosen firm was PBK-WLC. 

In PBK-WLC’s proposal, they shared: “Over the past four decades PBK-WLC has remained a client focused, passion driven leader in the school planning and design marketplace. We have assisted over 80 school districts in California in preparing master plans for large district-wide school facilities, to one school campus master plans. Every school district is unique in its needs including community involvement/feedback, and we will work with you every step of the way in preparing the most comprehensive facilities master plan that is customized for each school campus. We will lead you through the process from initial input from administration, staff, students, parents, and the community and guide you through the best process for your district.”

  • PBK-WLC consists of a comprehensive team with members relevant experience in the K-8 space and presented a detailed approach to facility inspections, and soliciting feedback from school staff and the community. 
  • PBK-WLC provided a transparent dashboard that the school community can view, which outlines current progress and project stages. 
  • PBK-WLC has the capacity to complete this project given its size and has experience creating facility master plans for local school districts. 

As an agreed-upon part of the Facility Master Plan process that was approved at the May 13, 2021 board meeting, we ask that you please assist us in this process by sharing your feedback in this survey prepared by our partners, PBK-WLC. 

In the survey, you will be asked various questions about the district and its facilities. This will include questions about the programs you find most appealing, which will be used to help determine the best classroom layout and design optimal learning spaces for our community. 

Thank you for your collaboration in this very important process to design optimal learning spaces and sound facilities.