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Aeries Data Confirmation

This year, we are excited to begin using an online process called Data Confirmation through the Aeries Parent Portal.


Some of you may have already used the Aeries Parent Portal to access CAASPP Score Reports, to track student progress at the middle school, or to sign up for middle school electives courses last spring. You will use the same Aeries Parent Portal accounts for Data Confirmation.


If you do not have an Aeries Portal account, you will receive a setup email from with a username and temporary password.


If you have an account but need a younger child added to it, you should receive an email that your portal account has been changed to add an additional child.


To ensure the accuracy of student information in Aeries, please complete the Data Confirmation process in the MVSD Aeries Parent Portal by Friday, September 22, 2023. 


The Data Confirmation window is now open! We appreciate you taking the time to fully complete this process. If you encounter issues accessing your account or completing the information, please email or reach out to your school office. Review all information and update as needed. As this is our first year using online Data Confirmation, we appreciate your patience and understanding with the process!


  1. Log on to the Aeries Parent Portal 

    1. If this is the first time you are accessing the portal, use the account information and password provided in the setup email from

    2. If you already have a portal account, please use those credentials to log in to the portal.

    3. If you do not remember your password, did not receive a setup email, or are unsure if you have an account, click "Forgot Password?" at the portal login screen and the system will send password reset information to your email address.

    4. If you continue to have trouble accessing the portal, please email

  1. Complete the state-mandated surveys (Click Confirm and Continue) Note: if a message about Data Confirmation does not appear automatically at the top of the screen or in the lower right corner, look under the Student Information menu.


  1. Review student demographic data (Click Confirm and Continue)

If you need to update your student's address, you must contact the District Registrar at


  1. Review contact information by clicking on each contact name, then using the Change or Add buttons to update as needed. Each student should have parent/guardian information, at least two emergency contacts, and a physician record. For students whose families registered through Online Enrollment, emergency contacts and physician records will be reflected in Aeries. For all other families, please add at least two local emergency contacts, using Record Type E-Emergency Contact; Notification Preferences D-Do Not Contact; and an appropriate Relationship. More information about Contact Records is at the bottom of this message. (Click Confirm and Continue)


  1. Review the medical history page, add medical conditions as applicable, or click None if there are none. After the Data Confirmation process is complete, a member of the school nurse team will contact you for additional information if needed. (Click Confirm and Continue)


  1. Review all documents and indicate that you have read them. (Click Confirm and Continue)


  1. Review and update authorizations as required. (Click Confirm and Continue)


  1. Click Confirm and Continue - you will receive an email confirmation of completion.


If you have more than one student in MVSD, click "Change Student" on the menu bar to choose a different student and repeat this process.


If you have any questions about Data Confirmation, please reach out to your school office or email


Thank you for your help with this important process. We look forward to a great school year!  


Edit Contact Information

This is the main Edit Contact screen. You will see this when editing an existing contact or adding a new contact. Please include Name information, Address information, Relationship, Record Type, Notification Preferences, and Phone information. Emergency Contacts and Physicians will not be contacted by email, so Email Address is not necessary. Additional fields (eg Employer information) are also unnecessary.

Record Type

Please select the appropriate Record Type for the Contact:

D - Physician

E - Emergency Contact

P - Parent/Guardian

Do not use the Restricted Record Type.


Please select the appropriate Relationship Type for the Contact. There are additional options in the menu if you scroll further. For friend/neighbor, please use Other Relationship.

Notification Preferences

Please select Do Not Contact for Emergency Contact and Physician records. Selecting another option will link the contact in ParentSquare