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Cabaret Coming to TVS

Annual Tam Valley Cabaret dates & info

SHOWS: Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30, 2019
Kids are already talking about the 2019 Tam Valley Cabaret around campus and sharing performance ideas. Here are a few initial details in case your kids want to start practicing in the next month or over the holiday break.

Anyone want to volunteer and be on the Cabaret committee? 
Just let Caroline de Baere know by email ( or text (415-290-4696).

What's Cabaret?
  • An inclusive and collaborative variety show featuring kids of any grade
  • No prior experience performing necessary
  • Solo performances and groups welcome
  • Acts range from skits, piano, dance, comedy, singing, break dancing, rap, band performances, gymnastics, storytelling, and much more
Where are the rehearsals and show?
Rehearsals and show are in the Tam Valley multi purpose room (the "MPR").

When are the performances?
  • Each individual act performs either Friday or Saturday night (not both)
  • The 5th grade finale with be on both nights
  • Acts, music, dance moves, and costumes must be age appropriate
  • Song lyrics can't include foul language so please edit as needed
Is your child interested in being an emcee or techie?
Emcees are hosts who introduce various acts and generally move the show along. Techies work backstage and with parent volunteers to support the show from a technical standpoint. Both roles are exciting and fun for kids! For info about enrolling your child, contact Caroline de Baere via email ( or text (415 290-4696).

Stay tuned for more details in January. Rehearsals start mid February!