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Join Us On ParentSquare!

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Dear Parents,
We are very excited to adopt a new form of communication at Tam Valley. ParentSquare is designed to keep parents informed and facilitate participation at school. It provides a safe way for the district, school principal, teachers, staff, and parents to:
Send and receive school and class information
Share pictures and files
See calendar items
Sign up to volunteer
Send newsletters
and much more . . . all in one centralized place!

ParentSquare Parent Videos
Padres - Introducción a ParentSquare

We hope ALL parents sign up for ParentSquare and you should already have received an invitation sent to the email address you have on file with the district. You can choose to receive immediate emails, daily digests, and app or text notifications, so it will fit your preferences. 

Please accept the invitation, create your profile, and dig in.

The Help & Support question mark in the top right corner can help answer most of your questions. So join in!