Observations Lead to Questions...

Posted by Kiea Wright on 1/26/2015

As students carefully observe and explore, they discover, they ask questions, and they learn about their surroundings.

sunflower fall  

First graders saving seeds from a sunflower plant.  Seed saving inspires questions about the diversity of seeds, when to plant seeds in the garden, and the role of different plant parts.

saving seeds  

How can we use ALL of our senses to explore our surroundings?  Fourth graders peacefully observe in the tidal wetlands on our school grounds.

wetlands observations 4th  

Where can we find the most worms living in our garden?  What type of habitat do they prefer in the wild?

Kindergartners search for the answers!  
Digging for worms  

What would it be like to be a bird building a nest?  This question led to an amazing discovery later in the garden where 2nd grade students had the unique opportunity to watch a pair of Bewick’s Wrens begin the process of building a nest in the garden!

nest building  

Third graders working as stewards of our school-adding native plants to connect with their Miwok studies in their classroom.  Students learn about the special uses of their plants, adaptations, and how to properly plant and tend to their native plants.

native planting