Our Growing School Orchard

Posted by Kiea Wright on 3/2/2015

Thanks to Sunnyside Nursery and our PTA, we added six new trees to our orchard.  Fifth graders, with the help of parent volunteers, planted either a pear or apple tree in their Garden class.  They worked hard digging their hole in the compacted soil, carrying compost up the steep slope, and carefully mounding the soil around the tree, so that the crown of the tree was not buried.  
tree planting  

After observations and a group discussion, students learned that our leaf-less trees were not “dead” but rather dormant, deciduous fruit trees.


Big thanks to Steve Scholl, PTA Environmental Chair, for all of his help with our tree planting!!


Our espellier trees inspired a lively conversation…especially because they are each grafted with multiple varieties of fruit, such as our apple espellier tree with Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp.


Come visit our orchard and watch the leaves and buds forming, as our sunlight hours increase daily!