Salad Days...A Delicious Success!

Posted by Kiea Wright on 5/12/2015

Every spring, our student body has the opportunity to experience farm-to-table dining during two of their lunches.

bed prep  

Kindergarten students are at the heart of this experience.  They start by prepping the garden bed and then sowing a variety of lettuce seeds in March.  While the lettuce plants are growing, students inspect for and remove snails and slugs and observe the plants’ growth. 

snail patrol  

Early May is harvest time!  The kindergarteners harvest the biggest heads of lettuce, carefully wash the lettuce, spin it dry, and then inspect and chop the lettuce so it’s ready to be served.

lettuce harvest  
salad sorting  

Fifth graders, some who said they have waited years for this opportunity, serve the prepared salad to all of the interested students during lunch.  There were many comments that “this is the best salad I’ve had in my whole life!”  Even 5th graders who stated that they had never even tried salad, but that they “loved this salad!”


Parents may have been shocked to see the reaction of many students, waiting eagerly for their salad as the 5th grade servers made their rounds, while other students begged for seconds!

happy customer