Green Juice!!

Posted by Kiea Wright on 4/8/2014

hughes juice

You would probably never believe me if I told you what was in this cup…that was making these students smile so big!

Thanks to Julie Thomas and her juicer, my first and second grade Garden classes enjoyed a juice made from carrots, celery, kale, lettuce, chard, spinach, mint,broccoli, and apples!  It was delicious!!

veggie juice  

What is the trick to getting these kids to try this green juice?  Involving the students in the whole process…from garden to cup!  First,we harvested many of the ingredients from our school garden, then the students participated in adding the ingredients, mix in a bit of healthy peer pressure and excitement, discussing the benefits of micronutrients, and voila…almost all of the students wanted to try it!

green juice