Earth Day Every Day!

Posted by Kiea Wright on 5/6/2014

On Earth Day this year, students welcomed the opportunity to be stewards of our school grounds.  In the span of three hours, over three hundred of our Strawberry Point students visited the wetlands to remove invasive weeds.  They learned that by removing the weeds, they were allowing native wetland plants to thrive without competition.  They also thought it was really, really fun!  These are some comments from third graders…
 5th grade girls


“It was fun pulling weeds and chopping fennel near the wetlands.  It took a lot of team work to make it happen but it was also a lot of fun.”


Kiea and Andrew  

“Thank you for helping us celebrate Earth Day.”



“Thank you for the BEST Earth Day ever.”


“Thanks for letting us HELP the animals. We loved to help the wetlands.”


“Some of us seem small but every weed we pull out we help the environment.”


“Thank you for letting us help our school. Earth Day might be the funnest holiday ever.  Thank you for an awesome time.”

full bins

Not only do we have incredibly helpful, dedicated students and teachers, but we also have amazing parents who volunteer to make these events possible at SPS.  THANK YOU so much to all of our parent volunteers!