Harvesting Continuously

Posted by Kiea Wright on 9/30/2014


September is a busy month in the School Garden.  School begins and students begin trickling into the Garden, group by group, on their assigned “Garden” Day.


We begin the year by searching for clues in the garden that teach us about hazards, orientation, and Garden Agreements that remind us to be safe and respectful.  We were thankful to start the year with an abundance of fruit grown in the garden: apples, grapes, tomatoes, peas, sunflower seeds, raspberries, zucchini, and more!!


Fourth graders, Jasper Nadel and Gabriel Schwartzman, share their experience of what Garden means to them…


"This is amazing and so juicy!" We exclaimed when we tasted the delightfully delectable grapes for the first time in our nature filled garden with buzzing bees, green healthy kale, and don't forget the juicy tomatoes!  All this fresh grown food really makes us appreciate nature.  We are so thankful to have this joyful garden and Kiea as a wonderful garden teacher.  These are all the reasons why garden is so special to us."