School Supplies List

Posted by Nance Miller on 8/10/2016

For 7th grade CORE:

__ 2 top-loading plastic folders (they look like a manilla envelope, but are made of plastic)  OR a plastic accordion folder if you cannot find the envelope folders

__ 1 Spiral bound notebook - with pockets 

__ pencils!!

__ hand sharpener NOT ELECTRIC please!

__ colored pencils (we will use these often)

__ fine tipped sharpie, or other black marker

__ one composition book 

__ binder paper, only a bit as we will be using iPads

__ glue sticks - very important

__ a reading book - BRING THE FIRST DAY PLEASE!


__ scissors

__ stapler


6th grade Connections:

__ pencil and sharpener (not electric please)

__ colored pencils

__ a composition book


__ scissors


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