Thankful for Mindfulness

Posted by Katherine Flores on 11/27/2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful for my super students and for all you wonderful parents, for your support and your enthusiasm in working together to help mold successful students.

We have been practicing Mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness helps students to calm their busy mind, to listen to their body, to be more attuned to their feelings, and learn to be present.  I have led several exercises that we have been practicing in class. Mindful Breathing, Mindful Listening, gratefulness and sending kind thoughts to somebody.  I love how my class has embraced the practice.

Last week, we worked on reviewing patterns.  Students created a color pattern for their native american headdress and also worked on naming their pattern in alphabetic order.  For example, a red,yellow, orange pattern is also named as an ABC pattern.  A red, red, yellow pattern is AAB.

A      s

Class picture   R

This week our writing activity will be focused on gratefulness.

Last week, we went to visit our Third Grade Buddies to see their Fall Friends creations.  Here are pictures of our Fall Friends.

Fall Friends      Fall Friends

Fall Friends      Fall Friends

And here we are with our Third Grade Buddies.

Buddies      Buddies


New Sight Word: look