Counting On, Smell Test, Partner Read

Posted by Katherine Flores on 11/13/2017

Math - Students have been taught introductory steps to Addition.  The Turkey Roll and Count Game helps students to add two numbers by counting on.

Here is a video of our kindergartners counting on, and having fun with the turkey game!

Turkey Game

Reading - We have had two lessons on Reading With a Partner.  We sit side-by-side, and we put one book in the middle.  This is a great way to add reading minutes in our school day.  

reading      reading

reading      reading

Students had a great time "whiffing" our mystery smells.  They easily recognized banana, cinnamon, and coffee - but were stumped on the dryer sheet and orange.  We graphed our favorite scent and orange had the most votes while coffee and banana had the fewest votes.


class picture      i

New Sight Word - you, am