Gingerbread Man, American Symbols and Addition

Posted by Katherine Flores on 12/17/2017

December is a very busy month for our Kindergartners!  

In case you haven't noticed, we are deep in addition.  Students use a variety of strategies to solve addition problems. Most students prefer counting with manipulatives, some use the counting on strategy.  However, I have a handful of students with impressive math skills, and they like to do "Mental Math," no use of manipulatives, counting on fingers nor relying on pictures, they simply solve the problem in their head. Try it at home and see if your child likes Mental Math.

This week, we also worked on our geometric shapes.  Here is one activity that everyone enjoyed - What shapes can you use to fill a triangle?

O    class picture

class picture

 We are also using tally marks to slowly introduce counting by 5's.  Here is a chant we use to help us remember how to make tally marks - one, two three, four, number five shuts the door.


We have started our American Symbols Unit.  Students were introduced to the American Flag.


Reading:  We are reading variations of the Gingerbread Man story.  We compare characters, settings, and endings.

n      g

great wall    great wall

We now have 22 sight words: I, a, see, the, go, to, can, my, am, and, on, look, this, is, he, she, we, me, be, you, your,  play.