Mo Willems, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ane Rovetta

Posted by Katherine Flores on 1/20/2018

We have read our Mo Willems collection.  The students really enjoy his books.  Our kindergartners will be selecting their favorite Mo Willems book and will either write a sentence about the book or write about their favorite part.  The ornery pigeon is one of their favorite characters.




To celebrate Martin Luther King Day, the class learned a song about Martin.  We read a book about his life and each student made a portrait of Martin.


One Friday, our favorite illustrator and story teller, Ane Rovetta taught the students how to draw a frog using oil pastel.  Ane  I have uploaded pictures on SeeSaw.

For Science: We started our unit on Matter.  Students were introduced to three types of matter: solid, liquid and gas.

For Writing: As we learn more about US symbols, students are also introduced to non-fiction text.  We watched a video and read books about the Bald Eagle.  This week, students will write one or two facts they learned about the Bald Eagle.