Pin wheels, Bubbles, Lexia

Posted by Katherine Flores on 2/4/2018

Last week, we had the perfect weather for our outdoor Science experiments.  We are learning about air (gas).  Students made a pinwheel to learn that air can move things.  On Friday, we made bubbles by blowing air into soapy water.  

pinwheel      pinwheel

bubbles    bubbles

We have started our Lexia CORE5 reading program.  It is a computer based reading program.  Each student gets to work on Lexia for 20-30 minutes each week.  Each student has an assigned username and password.  More information will be sent home in your Wednesday folder.


We have read many non-fiction books about the Bald Eagle.  Students worked very hard in writing one fact they learned about the Bald Eagle.  Factual writing is a big switch from writing about their own expriences.  These two different writing styles are seen on our latest projects.

winter      bald eagle

We are learning about the Statue of Liberty.  Our next factual writing will be based on the Statue of Liberty.

crown   crown

We have moved on to our second author, Jonathan London.  We just LOVE the Froggy books.  Students find it comical.  

Since we have finished reading our collection of books by Mo Willems, we will now work on making connections with the books we have read.  Each student will pick their favorite book and write a sentence about the story, or a character in the book, or an opinion about the book.  Here are two students who have already selected their favorite Mo Willems book.

mo willems    mo willems

New sight words: come, have, then, them