100th Day, Hot Chocolate and Apple Sauce

Posted by Katherine Flores on 2/16/2018

I'm two weeks late in reporting, but I'm sure you've heard that Zero the Hero came to visit Room 3 for our 100th Day of School!


The students were so fascinated by Zero the Hero that they spent a great deal of time interviewing him.  Some questions I recall had something to do with his favorite food and restaurant, and where he lives!

Our classroom was filled with fun 100th day activities.  One of the favorite centers was the 100th day snack - students had to pick 10 from each selection (marshmallows, pretzels, raisins, chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch chips, cheerios, goldfish, and cheez its) to create 100 things to eat. A snack bag of 100 marshmallows was not allowed - students had to mix it up.

100 day snack    100th day snack

Another popular center was using 100 items to build or create something.

n     o

n     a

Making hot chocolate was connected to several academic concepts.  This activity is linked to Science - how matter can change states, and it also serves as our introduction to our "How To" writing unit.  Students wrote the 3 steps to making hot chocolate.



On Friday, made apple sauce (also connected to our lessons about matter and "how to" writing).  Students cut the apples and we cooked the apples in a crock pot for hours.  The classroom smelled heavenly.

apple cutting

The rest of the day was spent making Chinese dragon masks and puppets to celebrate the Lunar New Year.


New Sight Words: with, went