Melting Crayons and Science Fair

Posted by Katherine Flores on 3/12/2018

For Science:  We continue to work on our unit on Matter and changing states of matter.  We used a hair dryer to melt a crayon.  This experiment allowed the students to witness the change from solid to liquid and back to solid.

melting      melting

melting      melting

Congratulations to our Kindergartners (Allie, Sebastian, Cameron, Caspian and Riley) who were participants in our annual Science Fair. These students were excellent and confident presentors.

A   Class picture

Class picture  S


Learning subtraction is going smoothly.  Students have quickly grasped the concept of "take away" and counting what's left.  Many are comfortable sharing their subtraction stories to the class.  I will soon send their videos through seesaw.  We used "losing teeth" as one of our subtraction stories.  This project is posted on our hallway board.

subtraction      subtraction


New sight word: said