Wildcare, Cat in the Hat Cafe

Posted by Katherine Flores on 4/1/2018

On March 23rd, Wildcare came to visit to talk about reptiles, mammals and birds.  The students had a wonderful time learning about specific characteristics of certain animals.  For example, we learned that a California Quail's call sounds like it is saying Chi-ca-go.  Ask your kindergartner to make the sound for you!

The best part of Wildcare's visit was the chance to touch all the animals the presenter had brought to the classroom.  My camera decided to malfunction during Wildcare's visit, so I only have 3 pictures.

Here is our Wildcare instructor with some of the animals she brought.

wildcare    bobcat    wildcare

Cat in the Hat Cafe was a blast.  Thanks to our parent volunteers who helped our centers run smoothly.  Students had face painting, sorted gold fish, made green eggs, and made self portraits with apples on top.  All center activities were connected to the Dr. Seuss books we have read.

ten apples up on top        gold fish sort

face painting    face painting

green eggs

Some students came to school dressed up as their favorite character from a book.  Here are Uni the Unicorn, Peter Pan, Yertle the Turtle, Harry Potter and Cat in the Hat.  We have more pictures posted on SeeSaw.

Uni       Peter Pan

fertile     Fertile

Harry     Cat in the Hat

New sightwords: for, was, saw