WAG 9/16/16

Posted by Karen Levin on 10/6/2016

Week at a Glance

September 16, 2016

I hope all is going well with Room 9 families. We continue to work on personal responsibility, respectful behavior, and personal best. We’re getting there! Now, here’s what’s going on...

Math: We are well on our way and have explored several concepts in this first math unit. Like everything else, I am using Everyday Math as a guide, and then supplementing with additional material. For the most part, I’m encouraged at how well the students are doing. Of course there are those in need of some additional support and we will begin doing small group work in the classroom to help encourage those students. I have been emphasizing careful and attentive listening during math instruction. It’s so easy to miss something and that often leads to confusion. Please remind your child to give their personal best!

Language Arts: There’s always so much going on! We continue our study and practice of daily oral language, including spelling, punctuation and grammar. I’m quite surprised at how many students don’t know the difference between a noun, verb and adjective. Whenever the opportunity arises, please reinforce this vocabulary. (Mad Libs is a really fun way to do this!)

We have completed all three, benchmark, writing assessments. As mentioned, these pieces will be a solid foundation from which to grow and develop as writers. You will have the opportunity to see this writing at our conference. We have begun Writer’s Workshop. First up…realistic fiction stories!

Reading workshop is going well! It’s a great way to determine comprehension and create a “buzz about books”!

In addition, students are learning to read fluently and with prosody ! We are focusing on identifying “just right” books which should help us to be more thoughtful, wide awake readers.

Sound like a lot? It is!

Science: Next week we will begin our study of animal adaptations and the environments in which they live.

Social Studies:   We are working through a brief study of general geography and next week, we move into the regions of California. This study will introduce the first long term assignment. Bet you can’t wait!

Thank you again to all the wonderful parents who volunteered to work in the classroom. Math Volunteers have begun, as has library and music! Art starts on Monday! As I mentioned before, we have too few literature group volunteers for that program to begin. If you are at all interested, please let me know, as well as when you are available. Thank you!!

Fridays are Dance with Mr. Scofield. What fun!!

The Old Mill Spelling Bee is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20th at lunch. I sent home the spelling list last week. Students who intend to participate should tell me on Monday.

I think that’s all for now. It’s truly a pleasure to come to school each day. I never know what to expect, and it’s never boring! Thanks for all you do!





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