• Birthday Book Club
     Birthday book
    Help us keep our library shelves full of up-to-date books. Every year some Old Mill library books wear out and some grow outdated.  All of our district librarians love to find beautiful new picture books for our younger students, exciting fiction for our older readers, and up-to-date nonfiction for schoolwork enrichment. 
    As your child's birthday approaches, s/he will get to select one of the newly purchased books as their special gift to the library (or ANY book in the library if they prefer).  A bookplate with your child's name as the "donor" is placed in the book, and if the book is new, your child will be the first student to check out the book before it is added to the library's permanent collection. Either way, students love to see their name in one of our many wonderful books found in our library.
    To join the club we ask for a donation of $25 (more is always welcome) to cover the purchase of a library book.  You can donate at the beginning of the year as explained in the First Day Packet, or click the OM Store link below.  
    For more information, please contact Jana Goodman
    To place an order please visit the OMS Store