• School Policies


    Student Conduct Policies

    Our expectations for student behavior are simple:

    • Be Safe
    • Be Kind
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible

    The Park staff reinforce these behaviors and values in the classroom, playground and everywhere we
    work and play.  Our district adopted social emotional learning programs (Zones of Regulation, Kimochi's,
    Toolbox Tools) and the approaches of restorative practices and responsive teaching provide staff and
    students with strategies and activities that promote positive, peaceful and collaborative relationships in
    and out of school. 

    The district is currently in the process of updating and adopting a District Wide Elementary
    Behavior Policy which will be published on all elementary websites in Fall of 2022.


    Playground Rules

    • Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    • Help others to feel included
    • We walk past the red line back to class/lunch/lines
    • We walk under monkey bars only; no running
    • One at a time on slides and monkey bars
    • Slides are for “down”
    • We keep our hands to ourselves: no pushing, fighting or play fighting
    • Nothing but head and hands above bars
    • No jumping between benches
    • Chasing games are only ok if all students want to play
    • Use conflict resolution to solve conflict: use the Peace Path, find a Peaceful Playground Coach or
      Yard Duty member, use the “Garbage Can Tool” and walk away, or use rock, paper, scissors.


    Homework Policy

    The Mill Valley School District Homework policy provides teachers with guidelines for the amount of time
    students should be spending on homework.  At Park we follow these guidelines to ensure that homework
    is useful and productive.  If your child is having difficulty completing homework or is taking much longer
    than the suggested amount of time to complete it, please talk with the teacher to see what strategies can
    be put in place to support your child.  District Homework Guidelines:

    • First Grade:  10 minutes + reading
    • Second Grade:  20 minutes + reading
    • Third Grade:  30 minutes + reading
    • Fourth Grade:  40 minutes + reading
    • Fifth Grade:  50 minutes + reading.

    Dress Code

    • Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times and shall enable students to safely and fully
      participate in daily physical activities, including recess and P.E.  Flip-flops and sandals are unsafe
      on an elementary playground.
    • Clothing, jewelry and accessories shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia that are
      crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive or which advocate racial, ethnic or religious
      prejudice or the use of drugs or alcohol.
    • Clothes shall be age-appropriate and sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times.  Clothing
      that is fashion-forward and in keeping with the latest trends may not always be appropriate for the
      elementary school environment.
    • If a student arrives to school in inappropriate attire or footwear, parents will be called to bring a
      change of clothes for the student. 

    Personal Property

    Toys, games and sports equipment must not be brought to school (except on special
    occasions when the teacher gives permission). Reasons: Suitable toys, games and
    sports equipment are provided for the playground and indoor play. Unsuitable
    equipment may present a risk to students and present the potential for theft, loss or
    damage. The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to personal

    Portable Electronic Devices

    Cell phones, smart watches, music players and accessories are discouraged at school. 
    Portable electronic devices present an unacceptable disturbance to lessons and
    potential for theft.  Students who require a cell phone during school hours i.e.for the
    journey to and from home are required to keep such devices in their backpacks in the
    off position. Smart watches are required to be switched to airplane mode during school
    hours (medical exemptions may exist–i.e diabetes monitoring). If you need to contact
    your child during school hours, please contact the school’s office via phone or email.
    The school does accept responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property.
    Wheels on Campus Bicycles, skateboards, scooters and heelies are not to be used on
    the school campus during the hours of 7:45am – 3:30pm. Please walk bicycles on the
    school grounds and park in the bike racks.  All riders must have and wear a helmet.  All
    other wheeled forms of transport need to be carried onto the school grounds and stored
    appropriately.  They may not be used during the school day, after school (before
    3:30pm), or during school events.

    Dog/Animal Policy

    Dogs are not allowed on school grounds or near entrances when students are on
    campus due to allergies and the unpredictability of animals. There is risk of injury to
    students caused by animals (e.g. bites and scratches) through pets reacting adversely
    to unexpected noise and/or movement of students.   Dogs are not allowed to be kept
    unattended near the school entrance.  We appreciate your help in keeping our students