• Drop Don't Stop

    The Drop Don't Stop program allows parents to drop children (1st grade-5th grade students only until May) off safely in the front of the school on Throckmorton to parent volunteers in the mornings. A traffic lane is created so children can be safely dropped off in front of school and traffic can move along Throckmorton Avenue

    Using the DDS program is not mandatory, but if you decide to park your own vehicle, be sure to provide ample time so your child arrives at school by 8:30am. Do not park in red zones or double park. This is dangerous!

    The following are general guidelines if you choose to participate in the Drop Don't Stop program. Take a moment to read and become familiar with them before you using DDS.


    1. Drop Don't Stop begins at 8:00 am and ends after the second bell at 8:30 am each morning during the school year.


    2. Drive into the traffic lane. Pull to the front of the line and stay to the right of the cones. A traffic volunteer will be there to guide you.


    3. The traffic volunteers are there to ensure the safety of your children. Please be courteous to them. A “thank you” is always appreciated!


    4. The volunteer will carefully open your car door and your child always exits on the curbside of the street and with all of their belongings. Drivers remain in the car. Children inside or outside the car should not open doors.


    5. Kindergarten students should not use Drop Don't Stop until they are independent enough to get out of the car alone (e.g. no harnesses requiring adult help to unlatch) and can find their upper yard morning meeting spot. 


    6. The curb is uneven in spots. The volunteers will always be careful when opening your doors. If you are uncomfortable with this, do not use the DDS program.


    Please be sure you are familiar with these guidelines whether you use DDS every day or once in a while. Grandparents, babysitters, nannies, au pairs and anyone else dropping children off should also be familiar with these guidelines before participating in DDS.


    We hope you appreciate DDS and will continue to support this long-established Old Mill volunteer run program.