• The Park School Garden

    The Park School Garden is a treasured resource for our children.  Ask them what they learned last year in the garden and watch their eyes light up.  

    Park School PTA funds our garden program.  Every student spends time in the garden with our beloved gardenteacher Dawniele Pasha six times per year.  In addition, classroom teachers use the garden to teach reading, math, and reinforce science lessons.

    The garden is maintained by volunteers. We need your thumbs, green or not.  Add your name to the email list to find out more. 


    Look for the Garden Open signs most Friday mornings and take a stroll through the Fall wonderland featuring sunflowers and pumpkins planted by last Spring’s kindergarteners and their fifth grade buddies.  Imagine how it makes them feel to see the seeds they planted in May now taller than their parents.

    Garden workdays are scheduled throughout the year on weekday mornings and on the weekends.  There are ways to get involved that fit every schedule, and now there are opportunities to spend time with the kids in the garden through the new Garden Club.  See you in the garden!