• Teaching for Global Competence at Old Mill School


    Old Mill School teachers are beginning to teach more conceptual and inquiry-based units inspired by the International Baccalaureate and our own district-wide Global Studies Commmittee. Most staff have participated in an IB training in the last few years or district professional development focused on "teaching for global competency". 

    You may hear your child sharing about a "central idea" or "statement of inquiry", which is a BIG IDEA, that is the focus of a several week-long unit of inquiry. Making and exploring authentic connections to the wider world, recognizing other perspectives, communicating in multiple ways, and student action are meaningful outcomes by the time these units conclude. These are the four main components of developing global competency.

    Students are encouraged to model the Old Mill Learner Profile by asking questions and going deeper into issues of global significance. The Learner Profile, the root of our Social Emotional Learning program, is the foundation for teaching for global competency. Issues of equity are also addressed when teaching in this manner, as teaching for global competency practices are engaging for all, and encourage students to help solve issues that will impact them and our world in the future.

    Another crucial component of developing global competency, is learning another language. We are excited to see our Spanish program roll up through the grades. Currrently, with your support of Kiddo!, we are able to offer K-1 Spanish classes throughout the school district! Thank you! 

    Old Mill supports diversity and we encourage the use of home languages and the sharing of our cultural backgrounds. We have a growing "home language" library now. Last year, we held our first "International Family Evening", where we integrated the Learner Profile into student displays of their cultural roots and shared music, stories, and poetry from around the world. We are looking forward to another one!

    We encourage you to learn more about teaching for global competence and the importance of developing global citizens at Old Mill School. We hope to have another "Global Studies Parent Education Evening" in the Spring.

    Here is a pdf slideshow from our November 2019 "Global Studies Parent Education Night". Our K-8 District Global Studies Coach, Rod Septka, presented about the district "teaching for global competence" initiatives, Principal Jason Deppong shared his past experience with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, and several staff presented about projects in their classrooms connected to teaching for global competence. 

    Let us know if you have any questions about teaching for global competence at Old Mill School.