• Highlights of our Social Studies Program


    Teachers use project-based learning to engage and motivate students. Concepts in history are grounded in and connected to students’ current experience. Reading and Writing are integrated throughout the Social Studies Program. Students attend various field trips in the area. Students are engaged in re-enactments of particular historical events such as Immigration to Ellis Island, A Colonial Fair, Famous Californians, etc. 


    Highlights of our Technology Program


    Teachers use a variety of technology programs and tools to enhance the curriculum. Each teacher has a laptop and iPad for planning, teaching lessons, assessing and communicating with parents.  Students have access to laptops and iPads to use for research, projects, writing, etc. Our librarian integrates the use of technology, creating a robust Library/Media program. 

    Technology in education should prepare students to be competent, responsible users in their academic studies and in their future career choices, capitalize on the opportunities that technology offers to broaden students’ educational experience, and develop and nurture students’ information literacy. Technology allows students to be successful in a rapidly changing world, and provides students and teachers with the tools and skills needed to support learning in all subjects.