In the event of a major disaster(e.g., earthquake, fire, etc.), SCHOOL WILL NOT BE DISMISSED, AND CHILDREN WILL REMAIN UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF SCHOOL AUTHORITIES until parents or responsible adults can pick them up. 

    1. REMAIN CALM.  Your child is probably safer at school in the event of a disaster.  School personnel are trained in CPR, First Aid and Emergency Preparedness.  In the event of a disaster, school staff members are designated as Disaster Service Workers and must remain with your children for up to 72 hours after the emergency.  The school has a supply of food, fresh water and first aid supplies.
    1. DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. You will receive a message from "School Messenger", the MVSD's emergency phone calling service or an email if Internet is functioning.  Please regard it as very important. The caller id will be the MVSD  number 415.389.7700.  Don't hang up.  If it is an emergency notification, it will include instructions.  

      Emergency notifications are sent to up to three (3) of your phone numbers, land line or otherwise, in the MVSD student database.  Please make sure your phone information is up-to-date in the school district's database.  Notify the school office if your phone or email changes.                                                         
    1. KEEP YOUR CHILD’S EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD UP-TO-DATE.  If conditions make it necessary, we will release your child to the adult indicated on your child’s emergency contact card.  We will keep a written record of the child and the adult to whom they have been released.
    1. PREPARE YOUR CHILD.  Let your child know who can pick them up at school if you are unable to do so.
     WALK FROM HOME, IF POSSIBLE.  Leave the streets free for emergency vehicles.
     DO NOT REMOVE YOUR CHILD OR ANY OTHER CHILD FROM SCHOOL WITHOUT HAVING SIGNED OUT AT THE STUDENT RELEASE AREA.  This provides a record of where each child is.  The student release area will be located in front of the library and school staff will assist you through the checkout procedure. 
     The Emergency Preparedness Committee ensures that disaster procedures are up-to-date, maintains supplies(ie. food, water, first aid, search & rescue), and organizes an annual disaster drill held at the school.